Imagine belonging to a Canadian


digital community

that empowers professionals working in rehab to exchange knowledge

  and insights on best practice and cases.


Imagine it providing you with a resource center 

and virtual support network that you can reach out to  

... helping you learn from research (and other members)

how to address some of your

most pressing cases and challenges.


Imagine it. Done!




Our "Why" 

We want to help clinicians reduce the time and effort it takes to get and give insights into best practice

so that both they and their clients

can reach their full potential.

Because it takes a Village!

Rehab Communication Without Borders!

Unlike other platforms that isolate people in professional silos, Rehab Village Canada is designed to break down communication boundaries that inhibit inter-professional learning and knowledge sharing.


We facilitate engagement and sharing of information and insights to enable members to make more informed practice decisions, with the greater confidence that these decisions reflect current best practice.


The Village welcomes members from a broad spectrum of disciplines including:  PTs, OTs, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, PTAs and OTAs, 

Athletic Therapists, RMTs, NDs, KINS, MDs etc.

We also welcome and encourage students and new grads to join.


Our "How"... Involve. Inform. Inspire!

We offer a rich suite of  features "at your fingertips" via our innovative, digital platform and make sure it's

fast, easy and intuitive to use. 

Our Digital Searchplace – saves you time and effort when you’re performing personal research into a challenging case or situation and want answers fast:

  • Tap into the collective wisdom of the Village via our general forum and get invaluable advice and opinions 

  • Go beyond a forum by engaging one-on-one with members who have the experience and expertise to offer you advice and insights into best practice


  • Get evidence-based answers ASAP via instant links

       to leading rehabilitation databases, free journals,

       grey literature... helping you discover cutting-edge

       research to identify new and effective protocols


  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news for your

       profession via news feeds, podcasts, Twitter, and

       direct links to news from rehab associations from around

       the world

Our Digital Shareplace – an opportunity to contribute to the “greater good” by sharing insights and engaging in discussions that both inform and inspire:

  • Talk about and share cases, educate each other, and give and get help from each other

  • Share your expertise, mentor others, and “pay-it-forward” to students, new grads, or those with less experience than you

  • Expand your horizons by getting involved in a free exchange of ideas to discuss topics, ask questions, and help others



"Never Stop Learning,

Because Life Never Stops Teaching"


Rehab Village Canada is a unique networking and knowledge-sharing platform that takes advantage of cloud-based technology. 

It's web-based, there's no app to download, and is available 24X7.


Check out the many invaluable features of

Rehab Village Canada in our brief video demo... 


Designed By A Therapist 



Wilma Jelley


Wilma is a Physical Therapist with a masters degree in education.  She worked in the physiotherapy program for many years at the University of Ottawa, is a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia, and was Chief of Physiotherapy at the Ottawa Hospital. Wilma is passionate about advancing interprofessional collaboration and has been invited to speak about it on the world stage in places such as Japan, Sweden, and Cambridge University. She's focused on ensuring that all of our Village members can nurture and share clinical expertise in rehab therapy.

John Spencer



John collaborated with Wilma in the development of Rehab Village Canada. He's a past Executive Director and corporate strategist with Oracle Inc. He's led digital health initiatives for the State of Florida; the State of Hawaii, and completed a study for Health Canada for Nurse Practitioners in Aboriginal Communities. He's passionate about ensuring that every member of Rehab Village is rewarded with an exceptional experience. 



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